AKA Aaron Hall, After 7, Lil Joe, Al B. Sure!, Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, Christopher Williams, Damion Hall, El DeBarge, Joe, Gerald LeVert, Usher, R.Kelly, Silk, Keith Sweat, Sovory, Stokley Williams, DRS, Tevin Campbell, Tony! Toni! Toné! and so many more. 

    Of note:

    • The song, “U Will Know,” was written by D’Angelo
    • Joe’s requisite 90s Tommy  Hilfiger jacket
    • Lil Joe’s green snake skin leather vest
    • A young Usher and Tevin Campbell
    • Brian McKnight’s perfect falsetto
    • El Debarge’s waves
    • Gerald LeVert catching the Holy Ghost and taking us all to church

    Top 5 Peak Blackness moment. No question. That the song appeared on the soundtrack to Jason’s Lyric is only icing on the cake. #toorare #PeakBlackSuperGroup


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    Maaaannn…. Did y’all see Troop next to Boyz II Men?!!?And Salt N Pepper…. With the oversized sheer blouses!!! Yes!!!
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    Talk about a trip in the way back machine…
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    Fast forward to 2012……not even enough black R&B male artists in the mainstream to do something like this again.
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    Love this song.
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    Just had church at my desk
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    Truth!!! R. Kelly disposed of every brown-skinned, bald-headed man in the game. And, lowkey, Usher might have done the...
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